Chinese Project is a street food / private kitchen project based in London. They explore and cook Chinese fusion recipes. Chinese Project offers handmade buns with various ingredients like beef, pork, and vegetables at the London Sunday Market.

Brand identity was designed based on the concept of authentic, fun and tasty Chinese Fusion Cuisine.

Type: Branding
Year: October 2019
Brooklyn Botanical Garden rebranding.

"Brooklyn Botanic Garden is an urban botanic garden that connects people to the world of plants, fostering delight and curiosity while inspiring an appreciation and sense of stewardship of the environment."

A concept rebranding for the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The contemporary yet elegant brand update aims to give Brooklyn Botanical Garden a fresh and relevant look.
Type: Branding
Year: October 2019

Designed for creating a fresh and healthy beginning to a busy week, Green Monday aims to provide office workers weekly healthy-lunch delivery, with colorful, plastic-free packaging. The weekly meal plan is based on customized diet recommendations from nutritionists, with light, healthy ingredients.

Type: Branding / Packaging
Year: 2016

Su Wen is a skincare brand that crafts its product with Traditional Chinese herbs.

Inspired by the ancient Chinese people's skincare ingredients, I created Su Wen for my Graduate Thesis at SVA MFA Design program. Products include an herbal cleansing gel, a toner, a serum, a lotion and a cream using different herbal recipes.

Su Wen aims at bringing back the Chinese natural ancient skincare products to the contemporary world, and introducing them to the western market. 

Type: Branding, Art Direction
Year: April,  2019

New York