Lex is a welcoming space for LGBTQIA+ people to build relationships, queer community, and connection through conversation and expression. If it’s queer, it’s on Lex. Lex came to us for a rebrand to help them move from being perceived as a queer space for romantic relationships towards a queer space for platonic relationships.

We centered the brand direction around the idea of an ever-growing queer playground. A dynamic space that encourages exploration of all different kinds of relationships within the queer community. To capture this idea, we leaned into playful designs that are juxtaposed with imperfect patterns and raw textures. We wanted to avoid using rainbow tropes and instead selected fresh “spring” colors that are associated with growth, energy and well-being. In executing the rebrand, we built Lex’s messaging framework, visual identity and website design & development.

Disciplines: Branding, Digital
Client: Lex
Agency: &Walsh
Creative Direction: Jessica Walsh
Strategy: Deyvis Rodriguez, Ericka Garcia, Lauren Walsh
Voice & Messaging: Arielle Egozi, Anita Osuala, Ericka Garcia, Motti
Production: Emily Jing Sum Chan
Lead Design: Elinor O’Brien, Lucas Luz
UX, UI & Web: Lucas Luz, Jacob Hwan Lee
Design: Jess Gracia, Jiayue Li, Sofia Noronha, Fernando Farfán, Zitong Zhao, Maria Luisa Castro, Luiza Pfeifer, Kristýna Jenčová, Mikayla Hittle, Juanse Carvajal, Zitong Zhao, Jess Gracia, Fabrizio Morra, Marie Ducrocq, Nika Belskaia, Eveling Salazar, Pablo Garcia Robla, Daniel Zepeda, Daniel Plateado
Lexmojis: Inbal Sella
Brand Photography & Video: Em Gallagher, Lily Mars
Case Study Images: Chelsea Finkel, Jarett Loeffler, Tiffany Thebodeau
Models: Mouse Wong, Py Mathur, Jordan Allen Hall, Bea Tal, Shane Mendoza, Bryan Vargas, Dove Murray, Anise, Aliya Hunter, Maxx Love, Sandile Mhlaba, Meadow Cloud, Motti, Jeanette Tran, Elise Geschardt, Terran Scott, Tiffany Thebodeau

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